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August 3, 2013
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      Germany's P.O.V.

    Three hours later, my eyes were still red and watery. I took her hand again, and I was surprised. Her body was warm, and she had a pulse. Slowly, she started opening her eyes. Ecstatic, I ran outside the door yelling: ''She's alive!''

       Russia immediately pulled his head out of his hands, his eyes still tear-filled. He got up and ran into the room, and I could hear him sigh a breath of relief. It was as if all of the tension and sorrow had been dissolved, and replaced with happiness.

   England, France, and China were all sleeping, and Italy sqealed while Japan sighed in relief. ''Good.'' ''I'll-a-make pasta to celebrate~ Ve!'' With that he ran to kitchen immediately.

      I was smiling so hard that my cheeks hurt, but my heart fluttered and I closed my eyes, thanking god. I sat on the floor, my head resting on the wall. I was so happy. I just wanted to climb on the roof and yell it to the universe.

   Russia came out, holding _____ up, helping her stand. When he let go of her, I took her into my embrace, burying my head in the crook of her neck, and she hugged me back gently.

        Japan had woken the others, and they looked at us confused, but as soon as they understood, their eyes lit up with excitement. ''I missed you so much.'' she whispered in my ear, making me smile. ''Jou have no idea, liebe.''

   I was finally able to run my hands through her hair, to feel her slender body against mine, to hug her and tell her that I loved her. I was finally able to hold her in my arms, and not when she was unconscious.

    ''Pasta's ready~!'' Italy sang, running into the small metal room with a huge bowl of pasta, his usual goofy smile plastered on his face. She let out a chuckle, letting me go.

            Three months later

     Turkey had signed a peace treaty. He swore on his life that he would never harm her ever again, and that he would surrender and withdraw his forces at once.

      Six years later~

    We sat in one of France's most expensive and best decorated restaurants, and I was nervous as hell. I had invited all of the countries who helped in any way in _____'s war, and said that it was on me.

      I sighed and loosened my tie ever so slightly. My glass of wine was about half way full, and I was only on my first glass. ______ was in a gorgeous __[f/c]___ gown that hugged her curves tightly, with matching heels, lets just say that she was drop-dead gorgeous tonight.

   I was in my best suit, and so was everyone else, minus France, being he was our waiter. As he passed to fill ______'s glass of champagne, he gave me a small wink, silently wishing me luck. I nodded.

      _______'s wounds had healed magnificently, even her burns were gone. She would still be the same ______ fifty years from now, and I had to realize that that would never change. I thought she was perfect, no matter how any other would have seen her.

    I got up from my chair, and kneeled down on one knee. ''_____ _________. I have known jou for as long as I can remember. Und jou have stood by me through thick und thin, through ze bitter cold and ze boiling heat. And I have c-come to realize....zhat I've almost alvays had jour help.

     ''Jou have given me the entire vorld. Jou even risked jour life for me. Und now I realize zhat jou are ze vone I vant to spend eternity vith. _____ ich liebe dich.'' I pulled out that small box and opened it. Inside was a ring that had a gold rim, a diamond in the middle, and her birthstones on either sides of it.

  She covered her mouth, eyes watering up. ''Vill jou marry mich?'' I was so nervous, but I don't know why. Because she kneeled down next to me and said ''yes'', kissing me passionately.

    I was stiff at first, but I melted into it, kissing her back. Cheers and applause filled the entire restaurant. I think that Russia, France, Gilbert, and Italy cheered the loudest, but I didn't care.

      She was now my whole world, and nothing could take her away from me.

         Eight years later~

   Germany sighed, tears pricking his eyes as the nurse handed him a baby boy. Slowly he bounced his knees. His black tank top, camo pants, and combat boots being his attire.

     He was filled with joy, as now his world was complete. The little boy was asleep in his arms, he had his hair, and _____'s beautiful __[e/c]__ eyes.

                Two hours before

  Germany was running full pace around his track. Today he had to come alone, being he told Japan and Italy to watch over his nine month pregnant wife, ______. Gilbert was there, too, but he tended to be a bit stressful at times.

    He felt his phone ring, and he came to an abrupt stop. ''Hallo?'' ''Bruder! Hey jou jackass get over to ze hospital now! Jour vife ist in labor!'' He almost dropped his phone, and he grabbed his car keys, racing to the hospital.

     In the background he could hear Italy and Japan freaking out, and he could hear _____ screaming. ''I'm almost zere!'' and with that being said he hung up.

        Back to the present time~

   He handed the little boy over to Russia, who's hands were gentile and warm. He walked into ______'s room, to find her asleep. He smiled at the image, and sat in the chair next to the bed.

    He placed a single kiss on her forehead. ''Jou did vunderbar. Ich leibe dich so much, ______.'' He climbed into the bed with her, falling asleep next to her, his arm draped over her waste, his head on her chest.

          Her heartbeat acting as his little significant lullaby.

I got you guys, didn't I? Well this is the final chapter, and I hope you like the ending.
I will post other stories, so don't worry.
I don't own Hetalia or any of the characters.
You belong to :icongermanyalonetimeplz:
I hope all of you enjoyed the series and I expect comments~
So for the last time on this story I do say...
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